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Den mest mångsidiga portabla hopprampen du kan hitta.
5,9 kg och kan bäras som ryggsäck.
Avsedd för hopp mellan 0,5 och 10 meter. 10-30 km/h

150 kr frakt eller upphämtning i Örebro


Our most versatile Jump Ramp is designed for both beginners and experienced riders.

Coach ramp is designed as a multi-functional training/teaching tool for all level riders. It is the perfect tool for skill improvement, boosting confidence, and mastering various jumps. Whether you're just starting your biking journey or looking to take your skills to the next level, the Coach Ramp is here to support your progress.

Features for beginners:

Mini jump feature with a ride-through roll-down section ensures safety for non-jumping riders, allowing them to either get airborne or simply ride through it to understand front-wheel lift.

Long jump position allows for approaching jumps at higher speeds without precise boosting, ensuring a sense of security.

Land position is a crucial training feature, offering a controlled and safe environment for both learning take-offs and landings.

Features for skilled rider:

Airy position is designed for practicing steeper takeoffs, refining body positions, and enhancing boosting.

Drop positions facilitate step-by-step learning of dropping techniques in a safe environment, allowing for gradual increases in both the height and speed of drops.

Portability is essential for transporting ramps to various trails and training under different conditions, focusing on honing specific skill sets to achieve greater speed and superior technique.

Long jump position provides the liberty to tackle road gaps at accelerated speeds and clear longer distances.

Now with Adjustable Geometry and a new level of Mobility.

1. Adjustable geometry (4 positions)
2. Great mobility (wheels and backpack straps)
3. Less weight (Only 15 kg)
4. Simplicity (No need to buy extension separately to expand functions)
5. More stability on uneven surfaces (Truss construction)
6. Extended leg travel / height adjustment (130 mm instead of 100 mm)
7. More grip on different surfaces (New design rubber feet)

Adjustable curvature of the ramp (Lip) makes it possible to use ramp for different situations - from small first timer jumps to even making backflips. 
The ramp has different jumping characters which are achieved by 5 adjustable positions. 
1. LAND (Ramp becomes a landing pad)
2. DROP (Ramp becomes flat with no curvature in geometry, like a bridge for drop jumps)
3. LONG JUMP (Ramp has slight curvature in geometry, suitable for gap jumps up to 10 m in length)
4. AIRY JUMP (Ramp has medium curvature in geometry, suitable for high jumps, possible to jump over a car)
5. MINI (A roll down for beginners)

1. Beginners friendly (Mini ramp with roll down function for crash prevention)
2. Ability to connect 2 ramps together to form a Table Top
3. Ramp the grows together with the skills of the rider
4. Perfect tool for MTB / BMX Coaches
5. Our most versatile ramp:
From MTB Communities to Schools;
From safe family backyards to breathtaking jumping spots; 
From 10 to 30 km/h speeds;
From 0,5 to 10 m jumping gaps;
From first jumps to backflips.

The surface of the ramp is not suitable for small wheel sports.
It can be used only with MTB and BMX bikes. 

Coach works perfectly with Intro, Lite Coach ramps, and with Pad.

Assembly: 5 min
Weight limit: 130 kg

Ready to use dimensions:
790 (height) x 490 (width) x 2020 (length) mm
Briefcase measurements: 870 x 490 x 140 mm
Product weight (total): 15.2 kg

Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+ packaging):
940 x 510 x 170 mm
Product weight (+ packaging): 17.2 kg

Designed for: Mountain Bikes & BMX
Recommended Rider Level: Beginners and Amateurs

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